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Wasp Nest Identification And Safe Removal

  • July 2019

If you notice a significant number of wasps all congregated in one specific area, then it is highly likely that there is a wasp nest close by.

Wasps, unlike bees are widely considered an unwanted pest by most. This is mainly due to the fact that they are a lot more aggressive than bees and unlike bees are capable of stinging multiple times. If a wasp feels its nest is threatened, then it will not hesitate to attack.

For the most part wasps will not attack humans unless provoked, however, during the heat of the summer months when wasp nest become overcrowded and the temperature levels inside the nest rise wasp’s start to become agitated and will start to attack with very little provocation.

When autumn arrives wasps become even more aggressive, this is because they have finished the work of their life cycle and spend the rest of their time gorging on fermented fruit, which believe it or not results in the wasps becoming drunk! Drunk wasps are very aggressive and will attack anything in their path, even if this is going to put their own lives in danger.

How Do You Find A Wasp Nest?

There are a few common places that wasps tend to build their nests such as, in trees, sheds, lofts, garages, rooftops and even wardrobes!

If you suspect you may have a wasp nest it is important that you find the location of the nest as soon as possible. The best way to locate a wasp nest it to spend time observing the wasps flight paths, you will eventually notice that they are coming and going from one particular place. By following the wasps flight path towards your property, you will soon locate the nest.

Once you have located the nest it is not recommended that you try and approach it, it is best to call in a professional pest controller that will be able to come and asses the nest and go through the treatment and removal options with you. If you or someone in your family suffer with a wasp allergy, then you should keep all doors and windows shut and under no circumstances approach the wasp nest to eliminate the possibility of you or someone you know falling ill.

How To Identify What Nest It Is?

There are a few different features of a wasp nest that can help you determine what species of wasp you are dealing with; a few are listed below:

  • If the nest you are looking at is located in a tree, on a building or are coming from a hole in the ground then it is likely yellow jackets you are dealing with, and these nests can contain around two thousand wasps!
  • If the nest you are looking at is round in shape and football sized, slightly pointed bottom, a large opening and a smooth paper like appearance then this is probably a hornet’s nest.
  • If the nest you are looking at is made up of yellow hexagonal comb layers and is waxy in appearance, then this is actually a honey beehive.

Honey bees are a protected species and are rarely aggressive so you just want to leave them be, however if you have concerns then you can either contact a local bee keeper who will likely be more than happy to come and remove the nest and add it to their own honey bee colony, or you can contact your local pest controller who cannot treat the nest by law, however they will be able to give you advise on what you can do.

If you are having problems with a wasp nest and need it removing, then contact STP Pest Control today – 0121 459 3997

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