Wasp Nest Identification And Safe Removal

If you notice a significant number of wasps all congregated in one specific area, then it is highly likely that there is a wasp nest close by. Wasps, unlike bees are widely considered an unwanted pest by most. This is mainly due to the fact that they are a lot more aggressive than bees and […]

Bedbug Control Birmingham

STP Pest Control have been providing bedbug control services throughout Birmingham for years and take it from us, bedbugs are incredibly common pests, the reason behind their success is partly to do with the increased popularity of buying second hand furniture. Bedbugs easily travel from house to house via furniture and clothes, it is also […]

What To Do If You Find A Bees Nest

  Well its that time of year again that we all love! Its hard not to notice that the weather is warming up and we can’t wait to get out into the garden and enjoy it. However, you may have also noticed bees buzzing around. Bees are great pollinators and some bees produce honey which […]