How Rats Survive The Winter? – STP Pest Control

Ever wondered how rats survive the winter? Well when it comes to the most hated pests’ rats can be found at the top of the list! They are dirty, carry bacteria, parasites, disease and they bite. When rats infest a home or business, they contaminate food and can cause significant damage. Pest controllers are busy […]

How To Protect Your Home Or Business From Winter Pests!

Winter is fast approaching, and so are those pesky pests that come with it! With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping it’s a sign that you need to start thinking about how you are going to keep all the winter pests from seeking shelter in your home or business. When the summer months […]

Get Rid Of Fleas: Home Remedies Unraveled

Ever wondered how to get rid of fleas? Whether you have a pet or not fleas can be an issue in your home. There are multiple ways fleas can get into your home, on pets, second hand furniture or they could have been their already lying dormant if you have just moved into a new […]

Fun Wasp Facts I Bet You Never Knew

There is no question that wasps are an unwanted pest in most people’s home and gardens and with good reason too. But how much do you really know about these pesky pests? Below are a few fun facts about wasps that you may not have known before. The majority of wasps are female, male wasps […]