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Fun Wasp Facts I Bet You Never Knew

  • August 2019

There is no question that wasps are an unwanted pest in most people’s home and gardens and with good reason too. But how much do you really know about these pesky pests? Below are a few fun facts about wasps that you may not have known before.

  1. The majority of wasps are female, male wasps only serve on purpose and they die straight after!
  2. Only female wasps can sting, though I doubt anyone would stick around long enough to sex a wasp buzzing around their head!
  3. Female wasps also carry out most of the work within the colony.
  4. Male wasps also known as Drones, are slow and lethargic, they are often seen taking naps inn empty cells within the nest with their tails sticking out.
  5. On occasion, male wasps will help feed larvae and pitch in with keeping the nest clean and tidy.
  6. When wasps sting humans it is usually a defence mechanism.
  7. Swatting a wasp may seem like a good idea but it really isn’t! When a wasp has been swatted it releases a panic signal which attracts many more wasps from the colony to come and check out what’s going on. So, you may get rid of one wasp, but you will son have a lot more to contend with!
  8. Humans can’t run faster than wasps can fly!
  9. Wasps are attracted to bright colours, however they can’t see red, so this is a good colour to wear if your out and about and don’t want to grab a wasp’s attention.
  10. Wasps love sweet smells, so perfume is likely to attract them!
  11. Wasps need salt, so you might want to use a little extra antiperspirant!
  12. Wasps can recognise its relations via both sight and smell.
  13. There are 20,000 species of wasp across the world, two of which reside in the UK, the German Was and the Common Wasp.
  14. UK wasps are social wasps, there colonies are built with a social order and specific roles, The Queen, workers, drones and defenders.
  15. Wasps are architects, they build complex and quite beautiful nests to home thousands of wasps.
  16. Wasp nests can be both suspended and underground.
  17. Wasps will never re-use a nest.
  18. Wasps communicate by releasing pheromones, this is how they inform the rest of the colony where a good food source is or warn of intruders and threats.
  19. Wasps will fly up to 1000 yards searching for food and building materials.
  20. Wasps do actually play a role in our eco-system, they kill aphids and caterpillars, so they are good for pest control, they also cross pollinate plants and flowers.
  21. Wasps don’t tend to bother us humans until the back end of summer, this is because they are far too busy looking for food and building materials for the colony.
  22. By the time August arrives wasps can become agitated, this is due to overcrowding and rising temperatures in the nest.
  23. Towards the end of summer, the wasp’s life work is complete, and they get a sudden change in taste, they no longer want to find protein, instead they indulge on sweet things, fermenting fruit being a favorite! This causes the wasps to become drunk and hungover which in turn makes them angry and aggressive!

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For more information on wasps visit our wasp page

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