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Bedbug Control Birmingham

  • June 2019

STP Pest Control have been providing bedbug control services throughout Birmingham for years and take it from us, bedbugs are incredibly common pests, the reason behind their success is partly to do with the increased popularity of buying second hand furniture. Bedbugs easily travel from house to house via furniture and clothes, it is also thought that they have grown resistant to some pesticides!

How Do Bedbugs Get In Your House?

Bed bugs attach themselves to furniture, luggage and clothes so if you have recently visited friends or family or stayed in a hotel that has a bed bug infestation then they can simply hitch a ride straight to your home! Also, if you have an eye for a bargain and bought a second hand piece of furniture such as a, bed, sofa or a set of chairs these could also be the source of an infestation.

Where Do Bedbugs Live?

Bedbugs are most active at night so, during the day they will find a nice place to hide, common places tend to be, behind skirting boards, crevices of the bed, under loose wall paper, behind pictures hung on the wall, even in plug sockets and the list could go on!

What Do Bedbugs Feed On?

Bedbugs survive off human blood so they will need a host in order to survive. With this said it is possible for a bedbug to survive for up to a year with no food!

Why Control Bedbugs?

A bite from a bed bug is not known to spread disease, however it is not a very pleasant experience. Bedbug bites cause a red, itchy lump. In most cases people only suffer a mild reaction however some people may develop a more sever reaction which can interfere with sleep which is why bedbug control is so important.

If you run a business such as a B n B or hotel then the consequences of a bedbug infestation can be devastating as it could completely destroy your businesses reputation. If customers that stay at your business are bitten by bedbugs then it is likely that they will complain, ask for a full refund, and even leave a bad review for all to see which could result in others not willing to stay at your hotel or B n B.  So, if you see any signs of a bed bug infestation then it is important that you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Signs Of A Bedbug Infestation

  • Small blood smears on bed linen or headboard
  • Ink like spots that are dark in colour on the bed frame or under mattress
  • Small brown insects in and around the bed and sleeping area
  • Red itchy lumps on neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs?

If you think that you might have a bedbug infestation in your business or home, then it is recommended that you call in the help of a pest control professional as soon as possible. Self-treatment often fails so it is always a good idea to call out a professional that has the skills, knowledge and equipment that is not readily available to the general public, to ensure the infestation is dealt with effectively.

If your having problems with bedbugs at your home or business in Birmingham then contact your local bedbug control service STP Pest Control today – 0121 495 3997

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